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Reduce risks and create the most productive workplace

Ecopraxis @ Work is designed to help you:

  • Retain staff and keep them happy and productive
  • Keep you and your colleagues safe and healthy
  • Eliminate possible causes of complaint and litigation
  • Create an attractive, efficient and profitable workplace

Hidden dangers

Most organisations are well aware of the importance of health and safety at work. Absence through ill-health can reduce productivity and profit, as well as adding to the stress on co-workers. If the working environment is the cause of a problem, the result can be demotivation and even the possibility of litigation.

Everyone now should be aware of the risks of repetitive strain injury and using VDUs. But what about the danger from EMFs (electro-magnetic fields), sick buildings, office pollutants and poor ergonomic design, to name but a few examples? Our experience is that even large organisations sometimes find it difficult to cover all the possible problems

Enhancing the workplace for profit and productivity

Creating the right ecology is as important as providing the right equipment when it comes to staff motivation and efficiency. It's not just good-looking furniture and decoration that's needed. We know from the basic lessons of feng shui and ergonomics that how things are positioned can drastically affect how people feel and work.

Ecopraxis will help you remove irritations and distractions from the business environment and develop a functional and stimulating arrangement.

Help and advice

Ecopraxis offers a range of services to help you assess and eliminate hidden risks in in the workplace, then create a productive, efficient and attractive business environment.

Ecopraxis is not primarily a health & safety consultancy - but it doesn't make much sense to try and create a productive and enhancing environment without first ensuring that everyone is safe!