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There is a bright future for retail stores

News of the demise of retail trading has been greatly exaggerated. We believe that, despite the growth of the internet, shops have a great future.

The internet can never offer the full range of customer experience, but it may have raised the benchmark for service standards. But the response to the internet from "bricks and mortar" traders has sometimes resulted in panicked attempts to jump on the bandwagon or a decision to compete purely on price.

Most people like to visit shops - it's a social and leisure event - yet few retailers have really invested "delighting" their customers. We believe a profitable future is assured if retailers can match the service values of the best internet companies and enhance the shopping experience.

Surprisingly, most retailers haven't given enough thought to what it's really like for customers in their stores and, sadly, in many shops the layout, display, service and staff attitudes are frankly appalling!

Ecopraxis for improved retail performance

Ecopraxis can help you ensure that your shop doesn't just become a showroom for internet traders.

We can show you where your current layout, displays, signage and sales processes detract from delighting the customer. We will help you come to a better understanding of your customers real needs and the dynamics of shopping. Most importantly, we can train you and your staff how to introduce customer-delighting ideas into your shops.