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This selection of titles is purely personal. These are books which we have found useful in some way or have been recommended to us. We hope you will enjoy or benefit from them too.

EMF issues

"The Powerwatch Handbook" by Alasdair& Jean Philips
This excellent volume builds on and updates the information in the two volumes below. Most importantly the information is now very easily accessible and logically approached. A vital addition to your library.
Order "The Powerwatch Handbook" now

"Living with Electricity" and "Killing Fields in the Home" by Alasdair Philips
Two small but essential volumes from Powerwatch. Buy direct from them for faster delivery.
Order "Living with Electricity" now
Order "Killing Fields in the Home" now

"Something in the Air" by Roger Coghill
A meaty tome, densely packed with fascinating and well-researched material on all aspects of electromagnetism. Some challenging ideas to ponder on! Buy direct from him at Coghill Labs for faster delivery.
Order "Something in the Air" now

"CRC Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields" by Charles Polk & Elliot Postow (Editors)
Good background source material
Order "Handbook of Biological Effects..." now

"Electromagnetic Fields : A Consumer's Guide to the Issues and How to Protect Ourselves" by B. Blake Levitt & Blake B. Levitt
Order "Electromagnetic Fields" now

"Warning : the Electricity Around You May Be Hazardous to your Health" by Ellen Sugarman
Order "Warning : the Electricity Around You..." now

"A Review of Electromagnetic Fields Associated with Motorised Appliances" Heath and Safety Executive
Order "A Review of Electromagnetic Fields" now

Feng shui & environmental enhancement

"Feng Shui Handbook : How to Create a Healthier Living and Working Environment" by Kam Chuen Lam & Lam Kam Chuen
Highly recommended introductory manual.
Order "Feng Shui Handbook" now

"The Power of Place : How Our Surroundings Shape Our Thoughts, Emotions, and Actions" by Winifred Gallagher
A powerful, thought-shaping book!
Order "The Power of Place" now

"The Healing Home" by Suzy Chiazzari
A good primer in home enhancement. A little lacking in depth but plenty of ideas to get you started and seeking for more.
Order "The Healing Home" now

"Feng-Shui" by Eva Wong
A classic. You can absorb a lot just by studying the photos and diagrams.
Order "Feng-Shui" now

"Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui" by Karen Kingston
Practical and sincere. Succeeds where others fail in making quick fix tips into possible solutions.
Order "Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui" now

"The Healthy Home" by Gina Lazenby
Order "The Healthy Home" now

"Healthy Homes in a Toxic World : Preventing, Identifying, and Eliminating Hidden Health Hazards in Your Home" by Maury Breecher & Shirley Linde
Does exactly what it says on the label. Unfortunately has just become unavailable in the UK but worth scouring bookshops for.

"Lighten Up: Free Yourself from Clutter" by Michelle Passoff
If you have to have a book on clutter clearing this is the one. Packed with sound sense plus all the American hype you would expect from the queen of clutter clearing!
Order "Lighten Up" now

Link to a list of books about feng shui

Ergonomics & human factors design

"The Design of Everyday Things" by Donald Norman
The examples are slightly dated now but it's still a classic with some hilarious examples of poor design and excellent insights into the subject.
Order "The Design of Everyday Things" now

"Ergonomic Living : How to Create a User-Friendly Home and Office" by Gordon Inkeles & Iris Schenke
Catch on to the ideas and concepts even if the technology examples are a little old fashioned. Good, honest and practical common-sense.
Order "Ergonomic Living" now

"Bodyspace" by Stephen Pheasant
Good primer on the principles and practice of anthropometrics, workspace design, sitting and seating, ergonomics in the office & home, and health & safety at work. Useful data tables.
Order "Bodyspace" now

"Fitting the Task to the Human" by Karl Kroemer & E. Grandjean
A practical handbook for creating working environments and practices to improve performance, by taking account of how people really function.
Order "Fitting the Task to the Human" now

The Matrix Reloaded [2003] 

Link to a list of books on ergonomics

Web design

"Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity" by Jakob Nielsen
The guru of web usability gurus. The content is brilliant - even if you don't believe in it totally. But, like his own web site, does it fully practice what it preaches? The fold-out jacket and bitty layout will annoy some. Still a "must have"
Order "Designing Web Usability" now

"PHP and MySQL Web Development"
by Luke Welling, Laura Thomson
An excellent and easy to follow introduction for anyone wanting create and manage dynamic websites using PHP & MySQL. Absolute beginners may find it challenging but none the less rewarding.
Order "PHP and MySQL Web Development" now

"PHP and MYSQL for Dummies"
by Janet Valade
Perhaps the best choice for anyone new to programming. If you have a little HTML knowledge and have created static web pages you'll soon be up and running with some somple applications and ready to move on to more demanding projects.
Order "PHP and MYSQL for Dummies" now

"Windows XP Annoyances"
by David A. Karp

Not a web design book but essential if you are working on a Windows XP machine! The latest in the excellent O'Reilly series. Brilliant approach to making XP work for you rather than the other way around. The earlier "Windows 98 Annoyances" paid for itself over and over and I guess this will be no different!
Order "Windows XP Annoyances" now

"Microsoft Office Standard Edition 2003" Upgrade
(Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint)
Worth upgrading if only for the new features in Outlook.
Order "Office Standard Edition 2003 Upgrade" now

"Macromedia Studio 8"
(Includes: Flash Professional 8, Dreamweaver 8, Fireworks 8, Contribute 3, and FlashPaper 2)
The most comprehensive suite of tools for building professional web sites. Now with much improved support for CSS styles and video.
Order "Macromedia Studio 8" now or if you already have and earlier version of Studio or any of the products it contains you can upgrade at one low price Order "Studio 8 Upgrade" now


"The Complete Book of Colour" by Suzy Chiazzari
Practical information on ways to introduce colour into all areas of daily life.
Order "The Complete Book of Colour" now

"Vital Colour" by Joanna Copestick & Meryl Lloyd
Inspirational lessons in how to use colour to enhance a room's atmosphere. The basics of colour theory, and the use of light, space, texture, materials and proportion. Nice photos.
Order "Vital Colour" now

"Color - the Secret Influence" by Fehrman & Fehrman
The basics of colour harmony and usage plus how colour affects us. Packed with facts, Scholarly but very readable. Order "Color - the Secret Influence" now

"The Colour Healing Home" Catherine Cumming
The principles of colour therapy how it can be applied to decorating the home.
Order "The Colour Healing Home" now

"Colour Healing Manual" Pauline Wills
A good DIY introduction to the nature and history of colour therapy.
Order "Colour Healing Manual" now


"Cultivating Sacred Space" by Elizabeth Murray
Our favourite garden book. Inspiring, heartening and beautiful. A wonderful lady, photographer and garden designer.
Order "Cultivating Sacred Space" now

"Derek Jarman's Garden" by Derek Jarman
Whatever you think of his films you can't fail to be moved and delighted by this book and it's beautiful photographs by Howard Sooley. Brilliant. 
Order "Derek Jarman's Garden" now 

"The Timeless Way of Building" by Christopher Alexander
Introductory volume to Alexander's other works (A Pattern Language and The Oregon Experiment) explains concepts fundamental to his original approaches to the theory and application of architecture.
Order "The Timeless Way of Building" now

"A Pattern Language : Towns, Buildings, Construction" by Christopher Alexander et al
Highly recommended.
Order "A Pattern Language" now

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