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This list doesn't aim to be comprehensive. Its purpose is to point you in the right direction and give you some key links.

Please contact us at if you know of any sites you think would be useful to link to or if you would like to include a link to your own site, particularly if it could be a reciprocal arrangement.

Regrettably, some of these sites change frequently and pages disappear or are renamed. We will endeavour to keep the links up to date but ask your forgiveness for any broken links and request you let us know at if you find any. We have tried not to include sites which open unwanted extra advertising windows or play crass and tinkly music!

EMF issues

Powerwatch is the leading British information source - "the independent voice on EMF issues in the UK"

Coghill Research Laboratories has loads of fascinating and challenging information about the whole field of electrobiomagnetics

Electromagnetic Wave Research Institute of the Italian National Research Council has a good reference list of web sites about EMFs and biological systems (in English)

Electromagnetic Radiation Alliance of Australia information and advice about electromagnetic radiation

Wave-Guide is a useful resource

EMR Network is a grassroots organisation with some excellent links

EMF Interface's Bioelectromagnetics site provides good info and tips on the harmful and beneficial effects on health

Microwave News is a subscription journal on all aspects of non-ionising radiation with a brilliant set of links on its web site

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has an International EMF Project with a web site which has lots of up to date information in a clear and straightforward format. Good for background explanations of all the terminology and simple explanations of the science. Good links and factsheets

EMF Links is at

Becker and Marino's definitive treatise on Electromagnetism & Life is essential reading

Independent Australian consultancy set up as a source of information on the possible health and safety issues arising from human exposure to EMFs


Professor Denis Henshaw's Human Radiation Effects Group at the University of Bristol has the leading low-down on powerlines and health

REVOLT (Rural England Versus Overhead Line Transmission) is an anti powerline campaign group with a specific focus on stopping National Grid's proposed 50 mile line of giant pylons through Cleveland and North Yorkshire.

The Medical College of Wisconsin has a useful Q&A section on the risks from powerlines

Mobile phones

BBC article on mobile phone risks

Radiocommunications Agency - the UK Government's voice including details of the mobile phone base station audit

The Medical College of Wisconsin has a useful Q&A section on cell phone base stations and the risk to health, plus links to scientific data on handsets

SAR data a guide to cell phone specific absorption rates (SAR). Not yet many UK models but has a page of e-mail contacts at the manufacturers to ask them for details. This site has unfortunately disappeared. We are seeking a good replacement source of information. Let us know of anything useful.

US FCC (Federal Communications Commission) radio frequency information including a link to check the SAR rating of US phones (sorry)

Feng shui

Feng Shui Ultimate Resource is a refreshingly honest, if somewhat cynical, view of the state of feng shui today. You will see why it describes itself as being "Dedicated to helping Feng Shui shed its snake-oil-and-incense image"

The Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine web site has a great selection of web links

Gahle Atherton's Australian feng shui site has a good simple introduction to the various schools

There's a good introduction to Flying Star Feng Shui at

168 Feng Shui Advisors have a useful explanation of the basics of feng shui at

Feng Shui Store provides a good range of tips and secure on-line shopping for all things feng shui related.

Vaastu shastra has an introduction and a question and answer service with archive. Also a great list of links. is one of the most comprehensive sites

The Bharat has one of the soundest simple explanations of vaastu has some basic information. Unfortunately the site keeps changing address and seems to be getting more and more like newspaper astrologers.

Serene Interiors offer some good tips

The Sre Kagabujandar Nadi site has the fundamental principles in Q&A form

Akaash Kumar presents some ideas that may seem a little "magical" for the western mind


The Institute for Bau-biologie in the USA seems to have gone walkabout at present. It was at

The 25 Principles of Bau-biologie can be found on the Corporate Creatives site

"Healing Homes" article by Janus Welton on the Feng Shui seminars web site touches on the subject of bau-biologie

"Bau-biologie and the Healthy House" article by Paula Baker-Laporte

"Bau-biologie defined" article by Marco Haessig (This article seems to have moved. If anyone can let us know where it can now be found we would be grateful)

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Heath & safety

The UK Health & Safety Executive has loads of useful information and the rules.


Safety News is a really useful site with regularly updated information on workplace safety and health

UK Safety Network provides a great list of UK organisations and suppliers

British Safety Council

Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council has some useful factsheets

Ergonomics & human factors design

The Bad Human Factors Design page has some hilarious example of poor design

The UK Ergonomics Society web site used to be a major example of poor human factors design! It's now pretty good but could be improved by giving more information to non members.

There are some good links and information in the resources section of the Ergo Web site

ACM SIGCHI is a society of people working on the design, evaluation, implementation, and study of interactive computing systems for human use

Open Ergonomics, a US ergonomics consultancy has some useful tips, particularly the Safe Office Practice zone

Cornell University Ergonomics Web is packed with useful information is an information exchange between the fields of ergonomics and the Alexander Technique

ErgAerobics has some good exercises to relieve office strain, information on office arrangement and product reviews

Disability access

Bobby is a free service provided by CAST to help Web page authors identify and repair significant barriers to access by individuals with disabilities.

Dyxi is "a site for Dyslexics, written by Dyslexics" with excellent information and links

RNIB has some useful hints on their site

Colors for the Color Blind is a useful site for information about the use of colour in web and software design taking the needs of those with colour vision deficiencies.

Microsoft used to have Accessible Web Design Guidelines that were excellent. There is still a lot of useful info but it's no longer as accessible and is much more sales and product based. & The Microsoft Accessibility Technical Support section is also useful

Ask NOAH About The Eye is a superb resource for everything you could ever want to know about the eye and sight

Web design usability

Usable Web is a collection of links about human factors, user interface issues, and usable design specific to the web

The guru of usability gurus, Jakob Nielsen's web site. Does it fully practice what it preaches? Still excellent as is his book "Designing Web Usability"

Usable Net - suppliers of LIFT software and on-line services for web site testing

W3C HTML validation service

For some interesting ideas about the use of colour and web design in general see Diane Wilson's Firelily site

The BCS special interest group on human-computer interaction (HCI) links page is at


Color Dome was a fantastic resource on all aspects of colour and its use. It suffered a disastrous redesign that made it a bit of a nightmare to use. It seems to have disappeared recently! If anyone can let us know what has happened to the content we would love to know.

The Colour Design Research Centre has lots of good information and it's just about worthwhile waiting for the annoying graphics to load.

The Colour Group is a society for those concerned with all aspects of colour

Color Science is a superb page with excellent links

Color & Vision Research Laboratories has a superb collection of data on the science of colour (if you can bear the beady eye!)


Elizabeth Murray's home page. A wonderful lady, photographer and garden designer. Author of our favourite garden book "Cultivating Sacred Space"