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Self help

An Ecopraxis consultation is the easiest and fastest way to check out your home or workplace and start to build a life-enhancing space. You'll also learn how to put Ecopraxis to work for yourself.

But even without us there are lots of safe and simple measures you can take to reduce risks and improve the ecology of your home or office.

Because the principles of Ecopraxis are based on common-sense and presence-of-mind, you don't need to worry about getting it wrong. You may not necessarily have the equipment or skills to assess some of the problems or implement some solutions, but you can rest assured that all the self-help hints on this site are perfectly safe.

You should always seek professional advice if you suspect any problems caused by things in the home. In particular, if anyone is experiencing any illness or physical symptoms they should consult a doctor. If you suspect problems with your gas, electricity or heating installations it is vital you get professional help. Do not rely on DIY. You could make things worse, put yourself at risk or even be breaking the law.

Peace of mind

We want to help put your mind at rest and have included links and references where you can get more information about the matters addressed by Ecopraxis. If you can't find what you need to know or are worried by possible problems in the home, please feel free to contact us by . There is no charge for a brief chat or e-mail response if it helps ease your worries.