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What you can do to remove stress and irritation

Stress and irritation can be caused by a wide range of things and can be different for different people. When you notice something that distracts or annoys you try to sort it out straightaway or at least plan a time to get it fixed - otherwise it will continue to aggravate you.

A lot of stress and irritation is occurs at a subliminal level - you may not notice things consciously or may have put annoyances out of your mind. But that doesn't mean they are not affecting you. Your internal systems are always alert to possible dangers and changes around you.

Many of the basic placement rules of feng shui stem from just this understanding. Removing the irritation of bad design makes you more relaxed and open to creativity.

Simple tips

  • Make sure you can see doors and windows from where you sit
  • In a busy office avoid being near entrances unless it's your job to greet people - otherwise you will be distracted whenever someone comes in
  • If you share your space with others, have agreements about where things go and what you won't tolerate
  • Use your instincts rather than fashion to guide your choice of decor. Aim for colours that are sympathetic to the purpose of the room
  • Eliminate reflections and glare from TV and computer screens
  • Make sure you have enough insurance cover
  • Replace poorly designed tools, furniture and equipment - if they don't do the job efficiently and are not a pleasure to use they will cause irritation
  • Invest in ergonomically designed seating and ensure your desk and workstation are correctly adjusted
  • If something intrudes on your concentration settle yourself about it consciously or your body's systems will continue to wonder about it
  • Take frequent breaks and move around
  • Make sure there are some pleasing natural things around you - especially if you can't see much outside
  • Use an answering machine to limit calls to when you want to take them