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Technologies used in Ecopraxis

Ecopraxis uses a mixture of modern processes and traditional disciplines to measure and assess possible causes for concern and then suggest remedial action.

So, for example, we do use the fundamental concepts behind feng shui & vaastu shastra, but supplement these with up-to-date, environmental measurement technology and ergonomic principles.

Visual and physical assessment

The most important technology is a physical and visual "reading" of the building and its immediate environment.

As with a feng shui consultation, we examine issues such as size, shape, orientation, surroundings, colour, furnishings and decoration, positioning and layout, furniture and construction materials, lighting, ventilation and access. We take into account the purpose of the building and how each room is to be used, as well as the nature of the people using it and their objectives.

Of course we look out for the basic problems that should be obvious: like trailing leads, constricted access, design faults, poor lighting, inefficient layout or ineffective security. But we also look for clues from the environment that indicate where the ecology might have a draining effect, such as stagnant clutter or ill-arranged storage.

More subtle visual clues, like the habits of animals or the growth of plants can indicate possible unseen problems for closer inspection. (For example, cats often sleep in high electric fields which can be harmful to humans.)

Huge improvements can be made by simple adjustments to our environments. Mostly these can be recognised with only the use of our eyes and other senses, coupled with experience and presence of mind!

Measurement for EMFs and other pollutants

One of the fastest-growing problems in this age of technology is electro-pollution. Powerlines, microwaves and mobile phones are high profile examples. But domestic and business electrical equipment and wiring installations can be the cause of risks that are possibly of even greater concern.

Other causes of possible problems include positive iononisation from air conditioning ducts, formaldehyde and other VOCs (volatile organic compounds) from pressed wood products and furnishings, and from cleaning and maintenance products.

Ecopraxis can provide home or business surveys to establish if magnetic or electrical fields are within safe levels and advise on ways to reduce risks from these and other indoor pollutants.

Ergonomic assessment

We use physical trials, process mapping and acute observation of the people involved coupled with the scientific principles of ergonomic design to assess furniture, equipment, appliances, systems and processes, at home or work, and suggest remedies or advise on purchases.


We draw on design aesthetics, feng shui, vaastu shastra, ergonomics and other disciplines, but often rely on the artistic intuition that comes from practice and training - plus a big helping of common-sense!

Colour, form and materials

We have been studying and researching the effects and use of colour, form and materials for more than 30 years - both practically and theoretically.

Bau-biologie, feng shui & vaastu shastra

In some ways it could be said that Ecopraxis is a synthesis of the best and most practical aspects of bau-biologie, feng shui and vaastu shastra.

Other technologies

  • Practical and atmospheric lighting
  • Beneficial use of plants
  • Dowsing
  • Space clearing

Particularly where there are problems that are difficult to pinpoint or where you want to create specifically enhanced atmospheres, we may use some more "alternative" techniques to achieve particular results, including:

  • Astrology
  • Music & sound
  • Crystals
  • Fragrances
  • Incensing and electrical cleansing
  • Ceremonies

Stress from clutter and bad design is more likely to be a problem than being "born under a bad sign" - but don't discount astrology as having no effect.

Personal coaching/development

The most important aspect in creating a healthy and inspirational environment is the people in it - YOU! So helping you to discover your real desires and inner motivations then give you the fuel to win your own destiny can be a vital part of the process.

We can create a programme of face-to-face meetings, regular telephone contact or e-mail exchange to suit your needs. Balance, fitness, mental attitude, personal and career coaching, stress management and life skills can be addressed, as well as the key principles of Ecopraxis.

No "magic" formulae

With Ecopraxis you don't have to start believing in mumbo jumbo. You don't even need to understand the technologies. The important thing is that you can actually register the results - either with your own eyes and senses or by empirical testing and measurement.

We take a practical and down-to-earth approach to problems. For example, if there is a problem with the drains it is more important to get them unblocked than to hang up a "magic mirror"

If you just want to enhance your home or working ecology your common-sense and presence-of-mind will deliver better results than hanging up some "magic charm". That's not to say that the charm won't work - it may well do - but how do you know if it is working? And if it's so powerful, isn't there a risk if you put it in the wrong place?