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Web site consultancy and design

All our web design, hosting and internet services are now handled by Leaping Hare

Leaping Hare delivers sane, objective advice on web site design. It is easy to get so absorbed in the excitement of your own product that you forget how to view your pages as a visitor might.

Leaping Hare can help by providing the "user view" and working with your web architects to apply a human factors design approach. Alternatively they can build and manage your site.

We should try always to remember that our sites are guests in the domain of the visitor. However "sticky" we try to make a site, it is always one click away from oblivion. The surfer is the one in control. S/he sets the rules, but doesn't tell us what they are!

Leaping Hare advocates courtesy to visitors. They suggest you exclude flashy welcome pages or design that demand a specific screen resolution, for example. Keep things simple and aim to make things work for everyone. Alarmingly, even the best designers and the biggest companies produce web sites that actually repel the prospective customers they seek!

Search engine optimisation & submission

There is no point in having a beautiful website if people can't find it. Most websites are not set up and managed to generate traffic. Find out how Leaping Hare can help you get more visitors to your site.


And if you think our site suffers from "cobbler's children syndrome" please give us an objective review at . We are sincerely interested in your views.