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  • So many new posts! How can that be?

    So many new posts! How can that be?

    I can write all sorts of crap because I will be deleting it all very soon. I could copy from somewhere else, like this: Suspendisse euismod justo vitae vehicula imperdiet. Cras nisl neque lacinia sed mi eu, sollicitudin feugiat nunc mattis leo.

  • Yet another test post

    Yet another test post

    I need to keep posting stuff to test how things work and look

  • Another and another

    Another and another

    Snails – are they friends or foes?

  • Another post for testing

    Here is some more to test stuff with

  • Noticing and naming

    Part of what I want to do here is both to acknowledge to myself the more-than-human beings in my local patch, and to encourage people to increase their wonder and consideration for the other lives about us by demonstrating how rich in wildlife a small area can be. I keep coming back to the idea…

  • Getting to know my local patch by heart

    Getting to know my local patch by heart

    When you set up a WordPress site, even before the files get loaded, you are confronted with a blank field that challenges you to give the site a description, to set a tagline for what the site is about. So early? I have been floundering around with ideas for this blog for 18 months and…

  • Hello world!

    Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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